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Craig Thibodeau

With a background in product design specializing in furniture, lighting, and hand tools, Craig Thibodeau has an inherent ability to visualize the end result of many hours of intense work and creative design.  His furniture creations have clean lined sensuality that elevates them above the level of typical modern furniture.  The work evolves from blending the client’s physical, practical and artistic needs with the desire to create individual objects with intensity and feeling.  To this end he has begun incorporating marquetry imagery in the form of flowers, branches and animals into some of his furniture.  Craig sees the addition of decorative marquetry as a doorway into unique and exiting visual forms and more expressive freedom.  His marquetry furniture combines the structural geometry of a man made object with the asymmetry of nature represented in flower and leaf patterns and motifs.  In recent years Craig’s furniture pieces have won numerous 1st place Awards in regional and national shows and exhibitions.  Craig works alone in a small workshop in San Diego producing primarily privately commissioned and speculation furniture for individual clients and galleries throughout California.


Campion Display Table

Recent Awards:
- 2008 Design in Wood, Master Woodworker Award
- 2008 Design in Wood, 1st Place in Traditional Furniture
- 2008 Design in Wood, 3rd Place in Veneering/Marquetry
- 2007 Design in Wood, Best of Show for Gardenia Sideboard
- 2007 Design in Wood, 1st & 2nd Places in Veneering/Marquetry


Marquetry is the craft of covering a structural carcass with veneer forming decorative patterns, designs or pictures. Materials associated with marquetry typically have included wood, ivory, bone, mother-of-pearl, brass and others.  Each marquetry design is hand drawn leaf-by-leaf and flower-by-flower to create imagery that both flows naturally and is true to the artistic vision of the project being created. These marquetry designs typically begin with numerous photos of the shapes and patterns of the flower and leaf design being created. The process then progresses into hand drawings that go through many revisions as the lines and shapes of the individual components of the design are refined and finalized. These final drawings are the cutting template for the marquetry veneer packets and are used throughout the construction process to guide the design to its final finished shape.  The majority of the marquetry veneer patterns in Craig’s work are cut in the traditional 18th century French Boulle method.  The Boulle method requires cutting all the elements of the design simultaneously with the background.  Cutting is done on a chevalet de marqueterie, or marquetry donkey of French design also from the 18th century or using modern scroll saws.  Specific components are then sand-shaded to create the illusion of depth and shadows.  The veneer work is then assembled and glued to the furniture carcass using a combination of traditional hide glue and modern two part glues.


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